Missing Grain

One morning, Henry Dorrell, the storekeeper, discovers 10 bags of grain missing. He runs to Capt. Cooper to report this. Cooper rings the alarm bell to get everyone in camp together. They organize a search party to look for it. The guy who took the one bag is surprised that 10 are gone so he decides to blame it all on ‘the savages’.

Tracks are found leading away from the storage room (booted feet). A small party (PCs and a few others) follow the tracks out of the fort. Once out in the wilderness the tracks separate so the group separate as well. The PCs go one way and the NPCs go another way.

The tracks the PCs are following lead down to a small inlet where the indentation of several canoes are visable.

Once the PCs go back to the fort, they report to Capt. Cooper. The NPCs never return. Of course the real grain thief keeps up his tirade against ‘the savages’.

Missing Grain

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